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HMS Royal Prince - 1947-1960
HMS Royal Prince was based in Krefeld from 1947 to 1960, after moving from Emden. The exact location is unknown at present.
Rhine Flotilla / Rhine Squadron - ??-1958
Based on HMS ROYAL PRINCE at Krefeld the unit was responsible for the safe and secure passage of all waterborne traffic along the River Rhine between the Dutch border and the French Zone south of Bonn. The unit was also required to maintain military expertise in the planning and execution of major river crossings in the event of any projected attack by Soviet or Warsaw Pact Forces. The unit was equipped with fast patrol boats and a number of Landing Craft crewed by both Royal Navy and Royal Marine personnel. The unit was renamed Rhine Squadron in the mid 1950's before being disbanded in 1958 when its responsibilities were transferred to the appropriate Arm of the newly created Bundeswehr.
Royal Marines Demolition Unit / Special Boat Section Royal Marines
There was a small Royal Marines unit based in HMS Royal Prince in Krefeld in the late 1940s/early 1950s. Initially known as the Royal Marines Demolition Unit, subsequently Special Boat Section Royal Marines (ultimately absorbed into the current SBS) the unit’s task was the contingency planning for the close protection (and demolition if necessary) of the key strategic bridges over the River Rhine in the event of any attack by Soviet Forces based in East Germany.