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Rochdale Barracks 
Home to:
64 Ordnance Company RAOC
85 Supply Depot RAOC
Closed 26 July 1994
This barracks is located within a set of rail heads and was obviously a bakery - judging by the gateposts. It has the large warehouses also assosiated Fallingbostel, Hohne, Osnabrück. Can you imagine ourselves having the confidence to set a barracks purpose in stone (the gate posts)? Wonder if they make porta cabin effigies?
Home to 64 Ordnance Company of 6 Ordnance Battalion RAOC. They were responsible for rations and also supplied Petrol Oils & Lubricants to units within 1 BR Corps area. 85 Supply Depot RAOC supplied rations, both compo and fresh along with a full blowm bakery and butchery.
The buiding on the right of the entrance housed the Inteligence Corps, 54 Security Section, a sub-unit of 5 Security Company* in Hannover, Int and Sy Gp (G). The Headquarters were in Hannover with other Sections in Sennelager, Celle and Herford.
*Headquarters 5 Security Company - Plathnerstrasse, Hannover
51 Security Section - Trenchard Barracks, Celle
52 Security Section - Woolwich Barracks annexe, Osnabruck
53 Security Section - "The Strip" Sennelager
54 Security Section - Rochdale Barracks, Bielefeld
Ornate gate post
Rail Head